Dearest readers,

I must write an open letter to you. I must warn you I am a constellation of contradiction.

I would say I am an introvert, but I love having a tribe or group I just prefer it small and not outside my ME zone.

I am an artist and an intellectual. I need to engage in the pursuit of education yet those books I so love and the walls of academia are often without the spark of color and the sparkle of imagination. I feel a hollowness when one element or the other is missing from my life.

I am an exceptional reader and a poor speller.

I am a lover of simple country life but crave the beat of the city.

I am confident in my imperfections.

I honestly have never found my nitch, maybe I never will. I know I am uniquely me and I have grown to love that.


Nino batista workshop

Little trip to El Paso included seeing some friends but the true reason for the trip was to learn from one of the industry up and coming greats Nino Batista. We touched on lighting concepts as a major focus: Natural light,hard light, and soft light. It was quite the education and I'd recommend taking notes as there was so much info to take in.